Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sure Footing

"my foot stands in an even place"
Psalm 26:12

I went on retreat recently, with a women's group, and we were blessed to go not to a hotel or an impersonal retreat center, but to a lovely large home in the mountains.  I mentioned it last year around this time.  It's a vacation home, essentially, owned by some friends of mine, but they actually bought it and renovated it for the purposes of renting it out ~ at rock bottom prices ~ to Christian groups, as a retreat center.

The architecture of the house is very interesting.  When you pull into the driveway, you immediately have to make a decision.  You can stay at the level of the street, and park in the little offshoot to the driveway, or you can continue down the hill to where the driveway ends.

Because the house is built on a hill, both of these options will lead you to a "front" door of the home.  I guess you'd call it a split-level, but I've never seen one like this.  The bottom floor is the main floor, having the kitchen, family room and dining room, but both floors are on ground level, in their own way.  It's really a beautiful job of working with the topography of the mountainous area. 

It's a rather steep hill, outside.  There's an apple tree on the property, but you better have good shoes on, because it's a bit of a slip-slidey affair to pick apples.  But inside, of course, are perfectly level floors.  Well-designed, well-built.   And as I looked out the window and appreciated the view for a few minutes, and then looked back down at my Bible, the verse my eyes rested on was today's highlight verse, Psalm 26:12 ~ "my foot stands in an even place"

How miserable it would be to live in a house where one constantly had to watch one's footing!  To never be able to let down your guard against slipping and tripping.  And how joyful to know we can have the peace of sure footing.  This is the promise.  Knowing His will on earth, and in our hearts, keeps us from wondering, and wandering.  It's not just knowing where we stand, but how

~ "God is my strength and power,
      And He makes my way perfect" ~
2 Samuel 22:33

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