Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Why I Loved June

"in the sixth month"
Ezekiel 8:1

June is the start of Summer Proper, but the weather has not yet committed.  In Southern California, that means "June Gloom".  It sounds depressing ~ probably because of the word gloom ~ but I love it.  It's cool and cloudy in the morning, and then the sun comes out, but the temperature rarely gets higher than mid-80s.

June also seems like the beginning of adventure somehow.  Summer is a time of travel and exploration and freedom, and June is the gateway to all that. 

June was the end of the Little League baseball season for us.  While I won't miss sitting in sun for two hours at day games, or sitting in the cold for two hours at night games, I will miss seeing my son work hard, try his best, interact with his teammates, celebrate victories and deal so well with disappointments.  I'll also miss seeing the Apple of my Eye sharing his gifts as assistant coach.

June was also the end of my daughter's volleyball season.  While I won't miss sitting on a hard chair in an incredibly noisy arena for several hours, I will miss seeing my daughter give her all.  I will miss seeing her grin when she makes a good play, and high five her teammates regardless of whether they won or lost the point, and listen to her coach's instructions with that serious expression that she has that tells me she's going to apply whatever he's saying.  I'll also miss hearing the Apple of my Eye cheering her on with the pride of a Daddy.

June was dropping off my daughter's exhibits at the county fair.  The fair will be in July, and she has two photos competing, as she has the past few years.  We're hopeful for another blue ribbon or two!

June was pulling up carpet in two of the bedrooms, and working together to replace them with wood floors.  I'm so proud of my sweetie for doing so much work, and I feel such pleasure at what I helped to accomplish.

June was my very first "Sip & See".  A Sip & See a Southern tradition hosted by a friend, for a new mother, so friends can see the new baby.  It was such fun to gather with some longtime friends to chat, and celebrate a beautiful new life.

June was the first of three Summertime get-togethers for the Teens in my husband's high school Bible study.  Volleyball, kickball, Capture-the-Flag, and of course pizza and cookies.

June was my parents' driving vacation that included North Dakota, and my father accomplishing his goal of visiting all 50 states.  An admirable goal for all of us

June was driving lessons, and pizza parties and a day at the lake.  June was crazy schedules which meant leaning into one another as we dealt with our lack of routine.  June was finishing a school year, and looking back with a feeling of pride for my kids' jobs well done, and looking forward to new academic challenges next year.

June was roses and June bugs, peaches and nectarines... June was bucolic and demure. 

I am blessed.

~ "Truly the light is sweet,
and it is pleasant for the eyes to behold the sun" ~
Ecclesiastes 11:7

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