Monday, August 29, 2011

The worst kind of "thoughtless"

"their thinking became futile"
Romans 1:21

This verse is one of those that struck me with horror the first time I read it.  I love thinking.  I love studying, analyzing, pondering, musing, wondering.... So the idea of my thought process being futile was chilling.

So who are those whose thinking became futile?  Those who "know God, but neither glorify Him, nor give thanks to Him."  I wonder how big a percentage of the population that is?  How many, many of children do little more than acknowledge His existence, and yet call themselves Christians?  The vast majority of Americans, when responding to surveys, say they believe in God.  On the surface, this seems like a good thing, but it seems to be contradicted by their actions.   Movies, TV shows, magazines, ads.... they all reflect a standard of values that are far below God's standard.  And why?  Not because these people believe in God, but because that's all they do is believe.

They believe their salvation, their place in heaven, is secure because they believe in God.  But the shocking  truth is, that even satan believes in God.  Is this who you believe is your peer??

Believing is not the goal, although it does show good sense to not deny the obvious.  The Book of Romans says they claim to be wise, but are fools who neither glorify Him as God, nor give thanks to Him.  Fools with darkened hearts.  I shudder at the thought of belonging to that category, but then there is this:  "their thinking became futile."

What a dreary, depressing thought.  I love crossword puzzles, trivia, Bible study, etc, because they are mentally challenging.  They exercise the muscle that is my brain.  What would it be like if my thinking were futile?

The word "futile" is a very discouraging word.  It means having no useful result; trifling and frivolous; lacking importance or purpose; useless.   Useless?? Of no importance?  Philosopher Rene Des Cartes famously proclaimed, "I think, therefore I am."  Imagine this proclamation:  "I think uselessly, therefore I am useless."  Depressing.  Do you know someone who could accurately say this?  Can you?

I believe in God, and I know Him.  I glorify Him as God, and I give thanks to Him.  For this, He gives my life purpose, and makes me useful.  He is I Am; therefore I think.

~ "Since this is your heart's desire, 
and you have not asked
 for wealth, possessions or honor... 
but for wisdom and knowledge... 
therefore, wisdom and knowledge will be given you." ~
2 Chronicles 1:11-12

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