Thursday, November 22, 2012

Have fun!

"I will question you, and you shall answer Me"
Job 38:3

1.  The Ten Commandments were received on:
       a.  Mount Carmel
       b.  Mount Ararat
       c.  Mount Sinai

2.  Solomon wrote how many proverbs?
       a.  3,000
       b.  600
       c.  10,000

3.  At one time, a shaved head was a symbol of:
       a.  Position
       b.  Mourning
       c.  Cowardice

4.  Which of these trees was cursed by Jesus?
       a.  Fig
       b.  Olive
       c.  Palm

5.  The prophet Balaam was saved from an angel's sword by:
       a.  A goat
       b.  A donkey
       c.  A child

6.  Who was Moses' sister?
       a.  Miriam
       b.  Midian
       c.  Mary

7.  After the Book of Psalms, what is the longest book (number of chapters) in the Bible?
       a.  2 Chronicles
       b.  Isaiah
       c.  Genesis

8.  Who is credited with writing the Book of Revelation?
       a.  John
       b.  Paul
       c.  Luke

9.  How many books of the Bible begin with the letter E?
       a.  one
       b.  five
       c.  six

10. Who was David's father?
       a.  Obed
       b.  Manoah
       c.  Jesse

~ "Let your speech always be with grace, 
seasoned with salt, 
that you may know
how you ought to answer each one" ~
Colossians 4:6

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