Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just do as He did

"Come, follow Me"
Matthew 4:19

Amazing Boy was doing a little baking this morning.  I love it when my kids cook.  They are creative and exploratory, and they always make something delish.  And of course, when they're cooking, then I don't have to.  Which is nice.

But this morning I got up to help him.  He was doing fine, but a little supervision in the kitchen is never a bad thing.  He was working from a recipe and following it carefully, step-by-step, but there was one part he didn't know quite what to do.  The directions were there, but he couldn't picture how to do what they were describing.  Have you ever read directions that left you thinking, "wait, what??"  Like assembling something.  "Tab A?...  Slot B?...  Is this a nut or a bolt?"  Stuff like that.  Sometimes you need an example.  It's probably why cooking shows are so popular.   You can see how big a "pinch" is, and what the finished product is supposed to look like, etc.

It's this reason I'm so glad Jesus condescended to live on earth.  It's one thing ~ and a wonderful thing, to be sure ~ that we have His Word.  I am so appreciative of that gift, being able to read it, and re-read it.  Parse it, analyze it, ponder it... 66 books, dozens of authors, all inspired by the Holy Spirit.  And it's our task, and our pleasure, to live out His Word in our lives.  But to have the gospels... to be able to see Him living the standard He calls us to... loving His neighbor, obeying His Father.... To have the words of those who walked with Him and learned from Him.  This is what we can directly apply.  This is what enables us to see what it's supposed to look like.  Leaves us with very little excuse not to live as He lived.

We can wonder, "what would Jesus do?"  Or we can read, "what did Jesus do?"

~ "Whoever follows Me 
will never walk in darkness, 
but will have the light of life" ~
John 8:12

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