Monday, December 31, 2012

I, (state your name) ...

"rightly named"
Genesis 27:36

Some friends of ours from church got married last week.  We didn't attend the wedding, but we were fortunate to see a lot of pictures online, and it looked like a beautiful wedding.  The bride is a wedding coordinator for a living, so we knew this would be a well-done affair.  Plus, she's an elegant, beautiful, stylish and graceful woman in every way, so of course her wedding reflected that. 

As I looked at the pictures, I kept being reminded of her nickname, which totally fits her.  She's called Sparkles.

It fits her because she loves things that sparkle, but also because she herself sparkles.  She has a vibrant, effervescent personality.

The meanings of names are very important in the Bible.  Often, Scripture tells us not only someone's name, but the meaning of their name.  And when someone's name is changed, like Abram to Abraham, or Jacob to Israel, we are told why, and the meaning of the new name.

Sometimes, that makes me wonder about the origin of some names.  In the Book of Ruth, we are told that Naomi's two sons were named Mahlon and Chilion.  Those two names mean "sickly" and "pining".  This, in my mind, begs the question: who would name their children such pitiful names?  Or were they given those names after it was apparent that they aptly described their personality?

Which, in my mind, begs another question.  (My mind apparently begs a lot of questions.)  What would your name be if it came from your personality?  What would your nickname be if it was given you by those around you?

Would you be called "Giggles"?  Or "The Thinker"?  "Doc"?  "Sparky"?  "Scrooge"?

Are you a Chatty Cathy, a Nervous Nellie, a Johnny Raincloud or a Debbie Downer?

Einstein, or Dopey?

Plain Jane, or Sparkles?

Just food for thought.  Perhaps something to make your mind beg a question.   What would you call you?  What would those around you call you?

And an even better thought: what would God call you?

~ "rejoice that your names are written in heaven" ~
Luke 10:20

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