Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Time for Singing

"I, even I, will sing to the Lord"
Judges 5:3

She's singing again.  It's nice to hear. 

My Awesome Girl loves music.  She's a teenager, so it's pretty much required of her, I guess.  And yet, she's not your typical teenager.  At all.  Her tastes in music are unique and varied.  Part of what makes her so interesting and Awesome, I guess.

She plays the piano, and picks at the guitar a little, and she has asked for a new instrument for Christmas.  Stay tuned to find out if she gets it...

Anyhow, she's not been feeling well that past couple of days.  So she's been very quiet; just reading and working on some schoolwork.   When she was in her bedroom, she often had her music on, but she was wearing headphones and just listening, so the house seemed quiet, and she seemed subdued. 

But today, she was feeling better.  Much better.  I could tell, because there was singing coming from her room, and I was so glad to hear it. 

Do you sing around the house?  In the shower?  In the car?  Or do you only sing at church?  Or maybe you don't even sing at church.   I suppose there might be people who just don't sing at all. 

But if you are an around-the-house singer, it's probably something you only do when you're in a good mood.  And that's rather a pity.  I know I don't feel like singing when I'm not feeling upbeat, but at the same time, I know that it can help.  

I remember, one day years ago, when the kids were young, I was feeling cranky for some reason.  I was just doing my thing around the house, murmuring and mumbling and grumbling to myself... The kids were in the living room watching one of the Veggie Tales videos.  Do you know those?  Cute little animated vegetables singing Bible stories? 

Well, Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber were singing about how much Jesus loves me, in a tune that was so catchy and upbeat, I found myself totally caught up in it.  I'd never heard it before, so I couldn't sing along right away, but it's for kids, so the lyrics aren't that tricky.  So pretty soon it was Bob and Larry and me, all singing together about how blessed we are. 

I still love that song.  The Veggie Tales videos were long ago given away to younger kids, but I bought that song on iTunes, and I still listen to it once in awhile.  I love remembering how it snapped me out of my funk, and I still love its upbeat tune and uplifting lyrics. 

That day reminds me of how much I need music in my day.  And not just music, but singing.  Me singing.  Even better ~ me singing to Him.  He loves and deserves worship, but the fact of the matter is, it's good for me, too.


~ "Then David spoke to the leaders of the Levites
to appoint their brethren to be the singers
accompanied by instruments of music,
stringed instruments, harps and cymbals,
by raising the voice with resounding joy" ~
1 Chronicles 15:16 

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