Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Just do it

 "in the garden in the cool of the day"
Genesis 3:8

I was at a luncheon recently where we were given a series of discussion questions.  I love those.  While there are times when it's wonderful to simply chat aimlessly, and see where the conversation goes, sometimes a discussion question helps you find out things about other people ~ or even yourself ~ that might not come up in ordinary conversation. 

Well, one of the questions at our table was "when do you have your quiet time with God?"  It led to a very interesting conversation about the pros and cons of sitting down for prayer and Bible study at different times of day. 

Morning is often the quietest time, if you get up before the other members of your household.  It's also a wonderful way to start your day, and remind yourself that your priorities should be His. 

Evening is such a wonderful way to close the day, and leave yourself thinking of Him as you close your eyes to sleep.  It also allows you to look over your day and maybe confess, or praise, as necessary. 

Then, of course, there's the middle of the day.  For me, that's often the quietest time, after lunch, when the kids have done their chores, and they go to their rooms to do their homework.  I have the main part of the house to myself, and often read or work on my Bible study. 

Naturally our conversation turned to Scripture, and the examples we see in there.  I know Jesus got up while it was early to pray to His Father (Mark 1:35) but I somehow doubt that was the only time of day He was in communication with Him. 

And we talked about Adam and Eve, about how they were with God in the garden, until their fall.  They didn't really have to have quiet time to talk to Him.  He was in the garden with them, at least part of the time, according to Genesis 3. 

They also didn't go to church, or take communion, and we have no record of them singing worship songs.  They didn't need to.  We don't know how long this way of life lasted for them, but what a beautiful picture it paints of being with Him; of the relationship they had with Him. 

It's impossible for us to achieve what they had with Him ~ or the relationship Jesus had with Him while He was on earth.  And yet I think it's somehow still something to strive for.  That idea of being with Him all the time... of walking with Him in the cool of the day.... He put that in the Bible for a reason.  I think because He wants us to know how it can be.  And how it will be, someday. 

~ "He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him;
I will be with him" ~
Psalm 91:15

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