Sunday, November 27, 2011

Are we near an In-N-Out?

"He is our God, 
and we are the flock under His care"
Psalm 95:7

My family had to go to Los Angeles last week.  We were visiting family, which means we've been to that part of LA many times, but we actually got lost.  Well, not lost, technically, but we weren't where we wanted to be.  We changed freeways when we shouldn't have, or missed changing freeways when we should have, or something...  As I've mentioned before, direction is not my strong suit...

When the Apple of my Eye realized that we weren't on the right freeway, he said something along the lines of "oops," but that was it.  No frustration or anxiety about how to undo this mistake, because although we don't live in Los Angeles, we've been there often enough that he knows the freeway systems very well.  So even though I didn't know where we were, or how to get home from there, I wasn't worried, because I trusted him.  He even said to me, "all we have to do is take the 110 to the 101, which connects to the 405, south of the 605, which also connects to the 5, but that's farther north, blah, blah..." {Blogger's note:  He didn't say the "blah, blah" part, but that's what it was starting to sound like in my head.  Did I mention I'm not good with directions?}

Over the past 25 years, husband has proven to me over and over again that he is trustworthy.  While I'm sure I don't always appreciate that as much as I should, when I am appreciating it, I am also thinking of God.   Almost every day, something happens to remind me that my life is not in my control.  And the older ~ I mean:  more mature ~ I get, the more I'm able to refuse delivery on anxiety and worry, and simply wait to see how the Lord is going to work everything out.

The Lord expects us to make plans, and make decisions, but He also knows we are going to make mistakes, and get ourselves lost.  And though it will take effort on our part to get ourselves out of the mess we are in, if we let Him, He will guide.  I don't know why, but He cares greatly about us.  And the more we trust Him, the more we will appreciate how trustworthy He is.

~ "Lord, what are human beings 
that You care for them, 
mere mortals that You think of them?" ~
Psalm 144:3

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