Monday, February 4, 2013

Counting Miracles

"hearing and seeing the miracles"
Acts 8:6

It was a day for counting miracles today. 

You ever have days like that?  Days when you just know you're gonna need Him?  I hope so. 

We should feel like that every day, but some days we just feel okay flyin' solo.  My "regular" days, when I'm in my routine, I sometimes go for awhile without thinking about Him.  I guess I feel like I don't need Him on those days. 

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Anyhow, today was not one of those days.  My Awesome Girl had a volleyball tournament and the Apple of my Eye was still out of town, so I was in charge of a lot more than I usually am: 

* Getting everybody up ~ way earlier than I'm comfortable getting up.

* Finding my way to the tournament, which requires not getting lost, which is not my strong suit.

* Remembering everything we needed:  snacks, chairs, water, a blanket (for my legs; it can be freezing in those cavernous gyms) and things to pass the time between matches (it can be up to two hours).

The miracles started when I woke to my alarm clock.

Yes.  That's a miracle.  Ask the Apple of my Eye.  Ask my sisters.  I don't speak "alarm clock" so I generally have to wake up naturally, or be awakened by a human.

The next miracle was two-in one.  Maybe even three-in-one.  First:  we got there on time ~ early even ~ though we'd left a few minutes late, and had to wait for the girl we were carpooling with.   Part two is that I successfully found/remembered/guessed my way to the right place.  Part three is that we made it there safely.  There was no reason to expect we wouldn't, but a safe trip anywhere should be praised shouldn't it?

Miracle #5 was getting into the parking lot.  The sign said "lot full" but I pulled in anyway, thinking I'd drop the girls off as close to the door as possible, then exit the lot.  But the attendant took my $10 and directed me to what appeared to be the very last open spot. 

The 6th miracle was the $10 I paid for parking.  The coach had told us it would be $20 park.   $10 saved.  Miracle!

Miracle #7 took place shortly before her first game started.  I had forgotten to bring chairs, but I wasn't too worried, because this gym has bleachers. 

But when we got to our court assignment, the bleachers were full.  Even though her game wasn't close to starting yet!  Now those chairs hanging in my garage were looking pretty good...  But then, off in the distance, I spied.... two empty chairs.  These weren't spots on the bleachers, these were chairs.  They had apparently been brought over from the snack area, and there they sat... empty... lonely... just waiting to be filled by my Amazing Boy and me. 

So fill them we did.  And they were so much more comfy than the bleachers would have been! 

And then miracle #8 came at the completion of her first match.  They had been scheduled to play one match, then be off, then play their 2nd and 3rd match.  I knew the chances were slim that those chairs would still be there after our break, which meant we be stuck for seating again, and probably end up sitting on the bleachers, and that would be for two matches!

But for some reason, either a re-scheduling, or her coach had erred in his message to us, we played our doubleheader first.   So my boy and I got those comfy chairs for twice as long as I thought we'd get them. 

Eight miracles, and it wasn't even 10 o'clock yet. 

I knew it was going to be a good day.

~ "I will be with you and bless you" ~
Genesis 26:3

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