Thursday, February 21, 2013

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"I will question you,
and you shall answer Me"
Job 38:3

As I go through the gospel of John, I sometimes find myself reading as if I'm observing.  You know, like I'm watching a movie.

If it were a movie, there'd be a lot of extras.  Bystanders, crowds, and hungry people by the thousands.

There are also a lot of "bit parts".  People in one "scene" that we never see again.  Maybe they have a line to speak; maybe they are healed, taught, or otherwise loved by Jesus.

But overall, what we are seeing in the various people who encounter Him is, very simply, their reaction to Him.

I'm intrigued by that.  He is everywhere.  He just is, so anything we are or do is a reaction to Him.  Even if that reaction is ignoring Him.

Years ago, I went to Sea World with my kids, and at the gate, there is a wide open place, right as you come in.  There's lots of room for the crowds that probably fill the area at opening and closing.

And I guess as a form of entertainment (I say "I guess" because I didn't find this incident very entertaining....)  Anyhow as a form of entertainment, they had a mime wandering around in that open area, doing little funny things.

And one of the "funny" things he did was follow me.  Very closely.  Step by step, right in line with me.  Maybe even "mimicking" me in some way.  And for some amount of time, I didn't realize he was there.  I don't know how long that was, because I didn't realize he was there...

But when I realized there was someone so close behind me, I whirled around, and very nearly hit him.  Like, punched him.  But only nearly.  I don't think it's that I swung and missed,  I think I just got my wits about me before I really took a swing.

Now, if you know me at all, you know that punching someone is really not how I roll.  It was just this weird, panicky instinct.  It was just how I reacted. 

When we see what people say to Jesus, or whether they follow Him or not, we see their reactions to Him:  belief, or disbelief; love or anger; a desire to hear more, or a refusal to face the truth...

But the choices that we make every day are reflective of our response to Him.  Obedience, or selfishness; His will or ours... Even whether we acknowledge Him or not. 

He is with you always.  How do you respond to His presence?

~ "as many as received Him, 
to them He gave the right to become children of God" ~
John 1:12

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