Saturday, December 21, 2013

Comfort and Joy

"those things we need"
John 13:29

Christmas is coming. 

But you knew that already. 

Which means family is coming.

You didn't know that, but you probably guessed.

And if family is coming, it means this is coming, too:

Now, if you don't know what all of that is, take heart.  I don't know either.  All I know is that it has to to do with coffee. 

Every time my sister and her husband come for a visit, they bring all of this and set it up in the kitchen.  Near as I can tell ~ and judging by the amount of equipment ~ they are growing, roasting, and grinding their own beans, before brewing their coffee.

It's possible for one to think it's impractical for them to bring all of this equipment with them every time they come.  After all, coffee can be made simply by heating water in the microwave, and then adding a spoonful of instant powder. 

But coffee is obviously very important to them.  And so, though they are away from their own home, and their own bed, and all the things that make their home warm and comfortable and personal... they will have their coffee, just the way they like it.

Our lives are full of little things that bring us peace or joy.  Sometimes they confound those around us, if they are even aware we've got them.  I'm grateful to God for the ways He allows us to feel serenity and solace in a world that sometimes seems determinedly unfriendly.  I hope you recognize these things in your life, too, and praise Him for His thoughtful gifts.  And I hope you're looking forward to seeing your family as much I'm looking forward to seeing mine.

~ "It is good and fitting for one to eat and drink,
and to enjoy the good of all his labor" ~
Ecclesiastes 5:18

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