Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Do You Know What I Know? ~ Part 3

"from the ends of the earth we have heard songs"
Isaiah 24:16

Okay, well, Christmas is almost upon us.  I hope it's a wonderful day and a wonderful week for you.  I'm praying for each of you, and my heart is glad that He knows each of your names, even if I don't.

I wanted to finish off the last of the "Christmas Carols by Another Name" so put on your thinking cap, and sing along!

1.  "Miniature Municipality in Judea South of Jerusalem"

2.  "In Awe of the Evening Characterized by Religiosity"

3.  "Those of You Who Believe, Come Here"

4.  "The Antlered Quadruped With the Cerise Proboscis"

5.  "Nocturnal Time Span of Unbroken Quietness"

6.  "Stainless Steel Inverted, Metallic, Resonant Cups"

7.  "Kris Kringle Will Be Arriving in the Municipality"

8.  "One Dozen 24-hour Time Spans of the Yuletide Season"

9.  "Me, Plus Two Other Male Monarchs"

10. "We Pray You Will Enjoy a Pleasant Celebration of Christ's Birth"

11.  "What Diminutive Human Am I Looking At?"

12. "A Place of Delicate Beauty or Charm in a Season Reckoned Astronomically from the December Solstice to the March Equinox"

Answers tomorrow ~ Merry Christmas Eve!

~ "Break forth into joy,
        sing together!" ~
     Isaiah 52:9

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