Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Do you know what I know? ~ Part 2

"the singers sang loudly"
Nehemiah 12:42

Okay, we're only eight days out of Christmas (as my sweet boy keeps joyfully reminding me) so I thought I'd lighten your load, just in case the cultural expectations of the season are starting to weigh on you.

So.... another quiz.  More Christmas carols by other names.  (Here's the original quiz.)  Dig into your thesaurus and see how you do!

1.  "The event occurred at twelve o'clock on a night with visibility unlimited"

2.  "Personal hallucinations of an alabaster December 25"

3.  "Testimony of witness to maternal parent's smooching Kris Kringle"

4.  "Anticipation of this noel's mementos: nil"

5.  "I listened to the tintinnabulations on the day of the celebration of Christ's birth"

6.  "I will return to my abode for the celebration of Christ's birth"

7.  "The approach of the holiday commemorating the birth of Christ is becoming evident"

8.  "Universal elation"

9.  "Allow for precipitation in the form of ice crystals formed from the water vapor of the air at a temperature of less than 32 degrees Fahrenheit!"

10. "The diminutive male of less than adult age who plays a percussion instrument"


Hope your days are filled with comfort and joy!  Answers tomorrow!

~ "singers accompanied by instruments of music,
       stringed instruments, harps and cymbals..." ~
1 Chronicles 15:16

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