Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jugglers are impressive, too...

"different kinds of gifts"
1 Corinthians 12:4

You know who amazes me?  Percussionists.  And short-order cooks.  And nurses. 

You too?  I'm not surprised.

I love watching percussionists at work.  Sometimes several different instruments to bang on, tap on, or clang together.  I wouldn't know what to do unless someone gave me explicit instructions.  But they know which one to bang on or clang, and how loud, and the perfect rhythm.

Short-order cooks ~ same thing.  They don't bang and clang; they fry and boil and sautee and sear and baste.  Often at the same time.  It's a matter of being knowledgeable about more than one thing, and being able to do more than one of them at the same time.

I thought about this wonderful phenomenon the other night in the ICU.  My father had a mild heart attack this week, but there were some complications when they tried to clear the blockages.  He's doing fine, but I've spend several hours for the past few days, watching nurses nurse. 

Scripture tells us that each of us has a gift, given to us by Him, for His glory and the edification of those around us.  The truth is, most ~ if not all ~ of us have more than one.  But I think it's unusual to get to see someone using multiple gifts at one time, the way nurses do. 

Nurses, of course, have studied for years, and have the wonderful gift of knowledge.  And the longer they've been at their craft, the more wisdom they have, and they use that experience for the health and comfort of their patients.  At the same time, though, they have a gift for caring, for gentleness, that I'm not sure is exceeded by anyone else.  A hospital is a place of pain, or discomfort; of wondering or confusion; of anxiety or fear.   And all of that is ameliorated by the smiles and compassion of someone who is using their gifts for the benefit of others. 

Most of us can identify what we're good at ~ how God has gifted us ~ but I wonder if maybe some of us should look again, and see what else is there.   Not only that, but look at the people around you, and see how many of them are putting their many gifts to good use.  He's a generous God, and this is one of the many ways He shows His love to us ~ by allowing us to show His love to one another.

~ "As I have loved you, 
so you must love one another" ~
John 13:34

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