Monday, January 16, 2012

The Book is always better, of course

 "Blessed is those who obey the words 
written in this book"
Revelation 22:7

Have you seen the movie War Horse?  Or the play?  Or have you read the book?  I've done none of the above.  But intend to.  All three versions, if I can. 

I saw something on tv this morning about it, and it was so intriguing.  I was intrigued not just by the storyline, but by the fact that it has been presented in all three formats.  Steven Spielberg was saying how different it is to make a movie, than to make a play.  Often there have to be plot changes, characters added or deleted to make the story flow.  I could understand what he was saying.  I remember reading John Grisham's novel The Firm, years ago.  It was a great book.  It was a great movie, too.  But there were differences.  I remember being riveted to the book, eagerly turning pages as Mitch and Abby made copies of incriminating documents.  It was very suspenseful, as I hoped they would hurry, not knowing if someone from the Morolto family was sneaking up behind them.  But when the movie came out, there wasn't much shown of them making copies.  It's really not very exciting to watch someone make copies.  So that was a good change to make.  It's hard, sometimes, for us to see the changes that have been made to a favorite book, but I can see where it's necessary.  It has to fit the presentation, you know? 

I think this is what's called for from us, too.  Jesus walked the earth as a Man, and we have been given the gift of the gospels.  Through these, we can see how He lived, and how He handled temptations and situations.  But we are really not going to run into the temptations and situations exactly as He did.  I think there is probably a place in my life for righteous anger, for instance, but the odds of my needing to overturn money-changers' tables outside my church are slim.  Nor am I likely to need to feed 5,000 people at a moment's notice.   But I can learn from His lessons of honoring God, and feeding His sheep, and apply those lessons to the situations in my life. 

I won't win an Oscar or a Tony, or be on the Best Sellers' List, but I'll get to hear those wonderful words:
~ "Well done, good and faithful servant" ~
Matthew 25:21

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