Saturday, April 5, 2014

Under His Wings

"May you be richly rewarded by the Lord,
the God of Israel,
under whose wings you have come to take refuge"
Ruth 2:12

Boaz spoke these kind words to Ruth.  He had heard of her devotion to her mother-in-law, and he was kind and generous to Ruth, letting her glean from his fields, and protecting her as she did so.

I wonder if he realized as he spoke of refuge under God's wings, how God was using him to fulfill this blessing.  I wonder if he realized that his marriage to Ruth would be the "rich reward" of which he spoke.

When Ruth had said to Naomi, "your God be my God," she took refuge with Naomi under the wings of the Lord.  In that time, in that place, there was little else for Naomi and Ruth to do.  As widows, they were left vulnerable, and at the mercy of others.  It is easy to see their reliance on the shelter of His wings.

But today, we are far more independent.  Women ~ and men ~ see no need to rely on God.  The idea of seeking refuge under the intangible wings of an invisible God carries a feeling of cowardice, or of fleeing responsibility.  but He wants us to need Him, or rather, to recognize that need, since it exists whether we acknowledge it or not.

And more than that, He rewards it.  Ruth was rewarded with better treatment while gleaning in Boaz' field, then rewarded most of all by the birth of a son, Obed, who would become the grandfather of King David.  That sacred lineage would lead to the Messiah.

Turns out we are all rewarded for the refuge that Ruth took, under the wings of our God.

~ "Boaz begot Obed by Ruth,
Obed begot Jesse,
and Jesse begot David the king." ~
Matthew 1:5-6

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