Saturday, April 19, 2014

Seeing what you want to see

"What do you see?"
Jeremiah 1:13

I have a poster hanging in my bedroom.  On my closet door.  It's a map of the southeastern portion of Africa.  I don't have any particular interest in the art or culture of Africa ~ well, no more than I do any other area of the world ~ but this poster isn't about art.  It's about geography.  Or maybe topography.  Or hydrology...

I got the poster out of an old National Geographic magazine.  Several months ago I got a stack of the magazines from a friend, and when I come across one of the posters, I hang it up on my closet door, so that we can study it for a while. 

The poster is entitled, "Africa's Great Lakes," and it's very interesting.  And rather pretty.  The land is a lovely shade of green, and the topography is indicated in other shades of green.  And there's lots of interesting information in the margin.

But you know what I see when I look at that poster?   Lakes.  And that fascinates me.  Because the lakes are hardly the most noticeable part of the picture.  They're practically a non-color, and believe me, I'd much rather look at something colorful.

But the power of suggestion is very, well, powerful.  The subject of the poster is lakes, and the lakes are what I find myself studying.

We often find ourselves drawn to what we're told to.  Sometimes directly, sometimes subtly.  And that can be either a caution, or a joy.  Depends who's doing the suggesting.

I think the lesson is:  know your source.  The Bible talks a lot about things like love, peace and forgiveness, don't you think?  So maybe we should be looking for those at every opportunity.

Heading into work?  Look for joy. 

Got a meeting at church with that woman who dominates everything?  Seek love.

Having to deal with a situation that makes you anxious?  Claim His peace.

We tend to see what we look for.  Be on the lookout for Him, every day in every situation, and you'll find Him.

~ "I love those who love Me,
and those who seek Me diligently
     will find Me" ~
Proverbs 8:17


  1. You are so right.

    Speaking of seeing, since the ocean is to the right of the land in that poster, I think you meant to say southEAST Africa.

  2. lol.... Then there are those who refuse to see what they're told to see... ;-) Thanks; I fixed it!