Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Yes, spelling counts

I'm feelin' quizzy today... How about you??

1.  Who worked seven years to earn a wife?
a. Isaiah
b. Abraham
c. Jacob
d. Joshua

2.  What was the mountain of the Lord?
a. Sinai
b. Zion
c. Nebo
d. Moriah

3.  On what day of creation was man created?
a. First
b. Second
c. Third
d. Sixth

4.  How many windows were in Noah's Ark?
a. Zero
b. One
c. Fifty-two
d. One Hundred

5.  Which apostle was shipwrecked three different times?
a. Paul
b. Peter
c. Philip
d. James

6.  The sun stood still while Joshua's army destroyed what people?
a. Amorites
b. Midianites
c. Egyptians
d. Philistines

7.  Which apostle denied he knew Jesus?
a. John
b. Thomas
c. Judas
d. Peter

8.  Who saw a rainbow in the sky?
a. Adam
b. Moses
c. Noah
d. Abraham

9.  Who was David's oldest brother?
a. Jonah
b. Eliab
c. Joel
d. Agrippa

10.  What name is shared by thirty-three people in the Bible?
a. David
b. Zechariah
c. Daniel
d. Haggai

How many do you know?  And if you don't know the answers, do you know where to find the answers?  No fair using the internet.  But I'll bring you the answers tomorrow!

~ "Let us test and examine our ways
   and return to the Lord!" ~
Lamentations 3:40