Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Quiz Time!

"to teach the children"
2 Samuel 1:18

I'm getting set for next year's schooling already.  I both hate and love this time of year.  Part of me just wants to concentrate on finishing this year, but I can't wait until late August to get organized.  At the same time, it's always exciting to look through books and plan how and what my kids (and I) will learn next year. 

The trigger was a box full of hand-me-down books from a friend of mine.  She moved last weekend, and found some stuff she didn't need anymore, so she gave them to me.  So I went through the stack, and got out the stuff I already had in my garage, and laid books out all over the dining room table, and made notes and rearranged the books and then rearranged them again.

Anyhow, one of the things I discovered was some Bible study curriculum, including a quiz book.  So I thought I'd let you get in on the fun!  This is going to differ from quizzes I've given you in the past, however, as these are not multiple choice.  We've got some matching, and some short answer.  You ready?  Then allez-cuisine!

Match the description with the correct name:

1.  father of John the Baptist                                 A.  Emmanuel
2.  brought to Christ by Philip                                B.  Gabriel
3.  prophesied where Christ would be born           C.  Herod
4.  attempted to kill Jesus                                      D.  Nathanael
5.  means "God with us"                                        E.  Micah
                                                             F.  Zacharias

Short answer:

1.  Where was Jesus born?
2.  Who warned Joseph to flee to Egypt?
3.  Where was Jesus baptized?
4.  How did Jesus answer satan at each temptation?
5.  What was Jesus' first miracle?

Answers tomorrow!

~ "You, O Lord of hosts,
     You test the righteous,
      And see the mind and heart" ~
Jeremiah 20:12


  1. I know that I know that I know that I got all the answers right on the test. The "brought to Christ by Philip" match-description threw me for a minute, though, because the name of the Ethiopian eunuch wasn't mentioned in Acts 8. Then I realized you meant "brought to Christ" literally, in person to Jesus, not brought to faith and the point of baptism by Philip's explanation of Isaiah 53. I probably would not have been able to say "Nathanael" if it hadn't been included in the list of possible answers, though. I do know that Peter brought Andrew, but that wasn't on the test. I did have to think for a minute about the order of the temptations (command that these stones be made bread, cast thyself down for it is written, all these things will I give thee if) before I could get the answers in the right order.

    This was a very good test.

  2. Glad I got you thinking so much, although it's possible you overthought them a little bit ~ something I'm wont to do myself!

    Thank you for bringing to mind the Ethiopian eunuch; that is one of my favorite things in Scripture. Philip set such a good example for us there...