Saturday, October 1, 2011

Try to remember

"Remember this, keep it in mind, 
take it to heart"
Isaiah 46:8

I spent several minutes today accomplishing nothing.  Well, that's not totally true, but it certainly would looked that way to anyone who happened to have seen me.

Resident of the Baltimore Aquarium

I was up and around the house doing thing, and I walked back to my desk to do something on my computer.  Something that I'm sure was vitally important and necessary.  But then I just sat down and watched my computer for several minutes.  The reason was, that I had been off of it for several minutes, and it had gone to "screen saver" mode.  And my screen saver is made up of pictures I chose, so they are all pictures that I especially love.

"Tunnel of Trees" ~ Kauai

Some of them are vacation photos.

Little Round Top ~ Gettysburg National Battlefield

Some are of family members.

Kidding.  That one was from the county fair.

Some are from days that were special.  

And some from days that were ordinary.

Now, when my days get full, I could probably go for days or weeks without thinking of those memories, so I love having the pictures remind me when I least expect it.

Especially if I'm having a down day.   Suddenly I see a picture and my mind fills with wonderful memories.  The food we ate at that restaurant; the feeling we had seeing that sight; the laughter we shared at getting lost....  things like that.

Gateway Arch ~ St Louis, Missouri

And I thought today, how nice it would be to have past miracles and blessings scroll in front of me the same way.  I would just love to have reminders of amazing things He has done, that I have forgotten.  Or even things I haven't forgotten, but I don't necessarily have reason to think of it on an average day.  I see my Amazing and Awesome kids every day, but I don't very often think back to those wonderful days when they were born.  And my husband.  He has been a part of every wonderful event in my life for the past 26 years.  But I don't think of that when he comes into the room.  I wonder what time baseball practice is, and if he needs me to get him anything at the grocery store.

Music City ~ Nashville, Tennessee

Wouldn't it be wonderful if, in the middle of doing the dishes, God lowered a screen, and flashed video clips of things He had done in your life?  What would be included?  What people, places or things would flash by, giving you a wonderful feeling of remembrance at His plan for you unfolding?

The fact of the matter is, I wouldn't be remembering my wonderful vacation memories without making it happen.  I'm the one that chose a personalized screen saver slide show on my computer;  I'm the one who chose the photos.  If I want to enjoy the memories of what He has done in my life, I need to make it happen.  Keeping a prayer journal is good for this.  Or perhaps, like the Israelites after crossing the Jordan, I need to set up stones as a memorial.  Something that will jog my memory, and cause my children to ask.   So I guess I should do that.  Before I forget.

~ "Remember the former things, 
those of long ago; 
I am God, and there is no other; 
I am God, and there is none like me." ~
Isaiah 46:9

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