Monday, March 4, 2013

How does it feel to be perfect at something?

"His own special people"
1 Peter 2:9

I love grammar.  When I learned it in school, I learned it so easily.  It just stuck with me.  I love the idea that every word in the sentence has a job, and I love the relationships between words as they convey meaning.  The written language is so cool! 

My family used to call me "Captain Grammar" any time one of them asked for my help with a paper or a letter or something.  I don't think any of them have actually called me that in a long time, though... I think maybe it reminds them how intimidated they are by me. 

I kid.

The last time I saw my sister, she gave me an article that she thought I might enjoy, from a magazine she'd read.  It was a law magazine ~ cuz she's a lawyer.  "Captain Lawyer," maybe...

Anyhow, the article was about grammar.  About speaking properly, and what constitutes an error in speaking.  While the writer didn't take sides, he presented the argument that there is no such thing as an error in spoken English.  Basically, there are those who say that if a native speaker says it, then it's proper English, by definition.  

I found that very interesting.  And I found it interesting that I found it interesting.  After all, "proper" grammar is important to me.  But I also love the notion that you can't make a mistake doing something that is uniquely "you". 

I think sometimes this is something my kids don't understand, when I try to convey how much I love them.  I might wish that my daughter loved history as much as I do, or I might wish that my son enjoyed some book or movie that I love, that I was sure he'd love too.  But they are each perfect.  She is perfectly her, and he is perfectly him.  No one could do it better.  And neither of them can do it wrong.  

We all see the ways in which we think we could be better.  We all wonder how someone could possibly find us attractive first thing in the morning, or why a friend "puts up" with us.   But that's exactly what happens when someone loves us just for who we are.  The flaws may be accurately recognized as flaws, but they are also part of the person we care for, so we embrace that right along with everything else. 

I can't be me wrong.  Whatever I do is me.  And you can't be you, wrong.  We were created by Him, and if we're living for Him, then we are becoming more like Him, each in our own special way.

~ "Become complete." ~
2 Corinthians 13:11

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