Saturday, March 16, 2013

Think Big!

"Blessed is the King
who comes in the name of the Lord!"
Luke 19:38

I think one of the most ironic passages in the Bible has to be the Jesus' Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem.  It's such a wonderful scene in my mind, with the palm branches and the shouts of "Hosanna!" to Him.  So wonderfully appropriate for Him.  He deserved every bit of it.

But the ironic part is why they were welcoming and praising Him.  The word "hosanna" means, "save us, we pray" but why did they wanted to be saved?  Where were these people a few days later when Pilate asked the people if they wanted Jesus released, or Barabbas?  These same people, a few days after shouting, "Hosanna!" were shouting, "Crucify Him!" 

What they wanted to be saved from, was the Romans.  The Roman government ran their lives, and they wanted to be free from that.  At the time of the Triumphal Entry, they thought Jesus was the one to get them out from under the Roman thumb, so to speak.  But then He was captured and tried, and I guess they decided He wasn't the one. 

Jesus is Savior, Deliverer and Redeemer, but in a far bigger way than they imagined.  They wanted to be freed from Rome, but they weren't thinking big enough.  The freedom He promises reaches deeper into our lives, and will impact us into eternity.

I think sometimes we ask God for far less than He wants to give us.  I don't mean material things, but blessings.  He promises good in our lives, and rest; strength and wisdom; His peace and His love, and eternity with Him.  And yet there we sit, asking Him for a new car or a bigger house. 

Now, there's nothing wrong with asking for those, as long as we're wanting His will; as long as we're trusting Him to decide if it's what's best for us.  But don't be asking for something so little ~ like a new house ~ when what He wants is to give you something big.  Like peace, hope, or love.

~ "I will walk at liberty,
For I seek Your precepts" ~
Psalm 119:45