Friday, August 23, 2013

"Private" Conversations

"they gather themselves together"
Genesis 34:30

Well, no one can say I haven't been making good use of my downtime... One of the organizational projects I've been working on in the summer heat (sitting in the living room, in front of the fan) is organizing the pictures on my computer.

For instance, there was a large group of photos was from my Awesome Girl's last volleyball tournament.

But one in particular stood out to me...

I remember taking this picture, and wondering what the girls were talking about.  They huddle before each game, and at the end of each match, and sometimes in between, if there's a timeout. 

The coaches never join them for this.  It's just the team.  And I always wonder if one person assumes the role of captain, and gives a little pep talk.  Or do several of them say something? 

And when there are breaks between games, and they sit outside in the shade eating their lunch.... There are no parents and no coaches with them.  Do they even talk about volleyball?  Or do they take that time to talk about movies and clothes and school?

And while I sat there looking at that huddle of friends and teammates, all of a sudden I found myself wondering the same questions about the disciples.  I pictured this group of men who worked together and walked together and ate and slept together, and I wondered what they talked about when Jesus wasn't around.  Their childhoods?  Their occupations?  What they hoped for the future? 

They probably talked about Him a lot.  About the things they had seen and heard from Him.  I would love to have been a fly on the wall (or tent) as they compared the Scriptures they knew so well with the teachings of the Son of God.

Good-spirited debate, discussion, encouragement... the kind of atmosphere and intimacy that only comes from being together and vulnerable 24/7. 

And you know what makes my imagining even sweeter?  The knowledge that Jesus knew all about their "private" conversations.  Every word.  And I think He looked upon those conversations the way a parents does when they are listening to their kids over a baby monitor in the playroom, or standing outside the bedroom door as they whisper in their little beds in a dark room.  There's such joy in those conversations, hearing how kids interact with each other, and the things they say when they think they're alone.

I love how much God loves us, and how well He knows us.  I love that we have no secrets from Him, and that He adores us, even with all our immaturity and our flaws.  And I think He especially loves when we're enjoying interacting with each other.  After all, what would God, who is love, love more than when we're loving those He loves?

~ "He knows the secrets of the heart" ~
Psalm 44:21

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