Saturday, August 3, 2013

Maybe I'll just wait and do it tomorrow. Or the day after.

"They gathered manna every morning."
Exodus 16:21

I have a confession to make.  I hate filing my nails.  Seems like such a little thing, I know.  And what's worse, is that I like my nails fairly short.  So though I only file them every week or ten days, every time I realize they need it, I find myself thinking, "Man, do I really need to do this already??  I just did it!"

I also hate cleaning bathrooms.  Another task that has to be done on a regular, and fairly frequent basis.  

And when I was a kid, my mother had set up a chore pattern wherein each of us would have a chore for a week, and then the next week we would rotate to something else.  But if someone didn't do a satisfactory job on their chore, they would have to repeat that chore, along with the one they were "inheriting".  And I forget which of my sisters came behind me in doing the dishes, but she was a pretty lucky sister.  I often had to re-do that job, because I didn't do it right when it was my week. 

No, I didn't leave the dishes dirty, or the dishwasher un-emptied.  What I did, was refuse to run the garbage disposal.  All week.  I guess I hated the noise.  Or was scared by it, or something.  Needless to say, there was a lot of garbage collected in there by the end of the week.  And more than once it had to be repaired. 

It was a task that had to be done every day.  Or more than once a day.  And I hated doing it. 

I could probably come up with other examples.  You probably could too.  And I'm sure I'd get an earful from my kids if I asked them. 

But every time I find myself rueing a task that has to be done, I also realize what a waste of energy it is.  I give myself a little pep talk that consists of something like, "Look, it has to be done.  So just do it."

I'm a regular Knute Rockne, aren't I?

And here's what I got to thinking about ~ the Israelites collecting their manna every day.  I've always looked at this from the standpoint of trusting Him to provide every day.  The "Give us this day our daily bread" angle.  But manna falling from heaven was not just about trusting Him to provide every day, it was about the Israelites doing the work of gathering, every day.

I need to eat everyday.  I need to brush my teeth everyday.  I need to pray everyday.  And yes, I have to file my nails, run the garbage disposal, and clean the bathroom.  And as much as I hate doing the things I hate doing, I can also see the blessing in doing what's unpleasant.  Sometimes it's about maintenance, and caring for the things God has given me.  Sometimes it's about endurance, and building character.  And sometimes it's just about good old-fashioned obedience.

~ "the people shall go out
and gather a certain quota every day,
that I may test them, 
whether they will walk in My law or not." ~
Exodus 16:4

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