Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Lesson From My Dog

"Come near now and kiss me"
Genesis 27:26

I got another sweet little lesson from my dog the other day.  And I didn't miss the beauty in it, despite the fact that it was first thing in the morning, and I was a little bleary.

It was Sunday morning, and the Apple of my Eye was up before I was.  'Course that's usually how it goes.  I'm not really a morning person.

I could hear noises in the kitchen as I got up, and when I came into view of the kitchen, I could tell why.  The Apple of my Eye was doing the dishes that never got done on Saturday evening.  And sitting behind him as he worked was our loyal dog.  She's devoted to him, and when he's home, if you want to find her, just look wherever he is.

So there she was, eyes on him, but when I came around the corner, she looked up and saw me.  I was all the way down the hallway, past the living room.  She didn't move, she just turned her head and looked at me. 

I'm not sure what she was thinking.  I'm also not sure what she ever thinks.  Or if, to be honest with you.  But she didn't move from her position.

Until I crouched down.  That was her invitation.  And she came running down the hallway, past the living room, to greet me and nuzzle me good morning.

It has happened before, that she comes to me when I crouch down.  Sometimes we'll be out in the backyard, maybe I'll be sweeping or something, and she'll be sniffing around the grass or chasing her ball.  But when I come down to her level, even without calling to her, she will come running to me.

And I love the lesson in that.  The reminder, really.  That Jesus, who loves us so, humbled Himself and came down from heaven to our level, and in so doing, invited us to come to Him. 

Love prompts the invitation, and love prompts the response.

~ "God will redeem my soul 
  from the power of the grave,
    and He shall receive me." ~
Psalm 49:15


  1. Good post.

    I think I am in love with your dog. What a great photo!

    We lost our Jethro on May 31st. He had to be put to sleep because of serious health complications from his enlarged heart. I miss him so much.

    It has occurred to me on several occasions that I was like Jesus/God to him, and the way he related to me was the way I should relate to Jesus. Our lifespan is so much longer than a dog's -- it's as though some of his predecessors at our house could have been Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph of the canine world. I knew them all intimately and he only had my words to go on. Yet he trusted Mrs. RWP and me and loved us unreservedly.

    A pastor at a former church of ours said there would not be dogs in heaven. I beg to disagree. Revelation says there are trees in heaven -- their leaves are for the healing of the nations -- and any place there is a tree a dog will eventually show up.

    My theology may be a little strange, but don't try to talk me out of it!

  2. I'm so sorry for the loss of your Jethro. The love and devotion of a dog are unlike any other, and I'm convinced God came up with the idea of pets, knowing that we would learn from that relationship.

    And I, too, believe there will be dogs in heaven, but my logic is: there will be horses, and that can't be all. Why should only the horse-lovers be blessed? (But actually I like your theology better!)