Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Got your thinking cap on?

"I will question you, and you shall answer Me"
Job 38:3

Okay, I'm feeling the urge to give you another quiz today.  I don't want you resting on your laurels, or getting complacent.  So sit up straight, and put your thinking caps on!

1.  From the book of Acts, who was Aquila's wife?
a.  Priscilla
b.  Jezebel
c.  Leah
d.  Lydia

2.  From the book of Judges, who fed seventy kings at his table?
a.  Benaiah
b.  Nebuchadnezzar
c.  Adonibezek
d.  Mephibosheth

3.  What was the first bird released from the ark?
a.  raven
b.  pigeon
c.  sparrow
d.  dove

4.  From the book of Proverbs, what does a soft answer turn away?
a.  wisdom
b.  scorn
c.  wrath
d.  fear

5.  After her first husband's death, whom did Ruth marry?
a.  Malachi
b.  Joel
c.  Obed
d.  Boaz

6.  With whom did Lot escape the city of Sodom?
a.  his wife
b.  his son
c.  his two daughters
d.  his two friends

7.  How many books of the New Testament are divided into two parts?
a.  two
b.  three
c.  five
d.  four

8.  The Bible's composer of songs was
a.  Moses
b.  Joshua
c.  David
d.  Jacob

9.  According to the Bible, the number of magi who visited the Christ child is
a.  three
b.  two
c.  four
d.  unknown

10.  "Jehovah" is the Hebrew name of
a.  an angel
b.  a prophet
c.  God
d.  Joshua

~ "You must continue in the things
    which you have learned" ~
2 Timothy 3:14

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