Thursday, July 25, 2013

Liddle Lamzy Divey

"one little ewe lamb"
2 Samuel 12:3

I held a lamb in my arms today. 

Last Saturday, Some-one found a lamb in a field somewhere in Southern California.  There had been sheep there, but they had been moved on, and somehow this lamb had been left behind.  And Some-one heard it crying, and found it. 

Some-one didn't know what should be done, so Some-one called Some-two.  I'm not sure if Some-one thought Some-two would know what to do, or just that Some-two would know who to contact. 

So Some-two called Some-three.  Some-three then called Some-four. 

Some-four called Lori.  Lori works with animals ~ offers pony rides, a mobile petting zoo, live animals for nativity scenes, etc.  She also rescues and rehabilitates wild animals.  The lamb is now being cared for. 

Lori and her petting zoo came to our Vacation Bible School this morning.  And I got to hold a lamb in my arms.  A five-day-old lamb that was saved by five people.  Four of them didn't know what to do.  But each tried to help, and each was a part of helping. 

Our small efforts are precious to God in His work on this earth. 

~ "He will feed His flock like a shepherd;
      He will gather the lambs with His arm" ~
Isaiah 40:11


  1. Sweet.

    A kiddly divey too, did you know that?

  2. lol.... I can't believe I didn't see that coming from you, RWP. Thanks for the giggle!