Sunday, July 28, 2013

Never Alone

"your companion
in the tribulation and kingdom and patience
of Jesus Christ"
Revelation 1:9

"Companion" is such a friendly word, isn't it?  It sounds so.... companionable.  It's like "friend", but closer.  Not necessarily closer in the heart, but physically closer.  The word comes from the Old French and Latin for "one who breaks bread with another" and though it no longer has much to do with bread, it still connotes that feeling of nearness. 

I talked on the phone the other day, to one of my oldest friends.  We have shared many memories and adventures over the years of our friendship, but at this stage in our lives, it would be hard to call her my companion.  I hardly ever see her, though we do talk, and email fairly often.  But the companions in my life are not those with whom I "check in", but those with whom I walk.  They may not even be people who are my favorite people, but can still be called companions.

My daily companions, of course, are the Apple of my Eye, and my Amazing, Awesome kids.  They remind me that it is one thing to walk alongside others; it is another to hold hands with them as you walk.  I teach them, and learn from them.  I work with them, have fun with them, laugh, cry, forgive and am forgiven.

The apostle John's words in the book of Revelation are more than a statement of fact ~ they are a promise.  Like the wedding vow "in good times and in bad," John points out that believers are companions "in tribulation and in kingdom".  They remind me of Jesus' promise to us:  "Lo, I am with you always."

When this verse first caught my eye, I started wondering if Jesus could truly be called my Companion.  Am I walking with Him, or am I just "checking in"?  Daily?  Occasionally?

But then I realized that it's not a question of whether or not Jesus is my Companion.  He is.  I need to remember that.  He is with me as I work in the kitchen, along for the ride when I get in the car, receiving my praise when I worship in church, and listening when I scold my kids.

He is beside me when I'm hurting, and sharing my joy when things are good.  Gives a whole new meaning to breaking bread with someone, doesn't it?

~ "the Lord is with me as a mighty, awesome One" ~
Jeremiah 20:11

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