Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sometimes the teacher, sometimes the student

"it stuck fast and remained immovable"
 Acts 27:41

Our church is doing Vacation Bible School this week.  It's sort of a week-long Day Camp for kids.  Crafts, worship, games, and of course a lesson.  Every year there is a theme; this year it's a farm theme, so all the decorations, snacks and games are tied in to that theme. 

To help get ready, my family and I all stayed after church on Sunday ~ as did much of the congregation.  There was furniture to be rearranged, faux farm implements to be strategically placed, banners and balloons to be hung, etc.

The task we were given was to hang a couple of large banners - one out front, and one in the main sanctuary of the church.  And the gal in charge (my friend Meghan) was really busy handing out jobs, so I didn't want to bug her with the "how" part.  So my kids and I took the banners, and headed off to make it happen.

We found a place outside to hang one, but we needed string.  So I found the church secretary and asked her if she knew where we might find some string.  She suggested the storage cabinet in the ladies' room.  So I headed there.

Problem was, the cabinet was locked.  Well, child-locked.  And it was some sort of contraption I'd never seen before.  Something that must have been invented since the days when I had to pay attention to stuff like that.   Although, to be honest, I never used a lot of those.  My preferred method of keeping my kids out of places they didn't belong was to tell them to stay out, and then discipline them if they disobeyed.  Novel approach, yes?

In a couple of places I actually had child locks, like under the kitchen sink, but our contraptions were much different looking than this. 

So I pushed what appeared to be a button, but nothing happened, and I pulled what appeared to be a connector, but nothing happened.  So I did both of those things again, but harder.  Nothing happened.  Then I did both of those things together, but nothing happened. 

Fortunately, I knew just what to do.  I went and got my Awesome Girl.  I explained my dilemma, she walked in the room and immediately unlocked the cabinet.  Just like I knew she would. 

Time was, that something like that was designed to baffle her; to outwit her.  But she has grown in wisdom and maturity.  And even though she's never come across that type of gadget before, it took her no time to figure it out.  And my favorite part of this whole thing is that I knew she was the person to ask.  I know how smart she is, how clever.  And not just about frustrating gadgets. 

It is a blessing to me that I can rely on my children.  I can go to them for answers, for advice, for their opinion on things.  I know they still have stuff to learn, and experiences to get, but I also know how valuable they are to me already.  And I'm not sure there's a greater blessing than learning from those I have taught!  Of course, I haven't taught them everything they know, but I know better than anyone how much they have learned, and I'm grateful to Him for how He is using them to teach me.

~ "I have no greater joy than to hear
     that my children walk in truth" ~
3 John 1:4

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