Monday, December 19, 2011

Giving is the gift that keeps on giving

"Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!"
2 Corinthians 9:15

Six days until Christmas.  I know, because my Awesome Girl changed the background on my computer to a Christmas scene that includes a countdown at the top.  It's cute, having that.  There's a whimsical, child-like quality to knowing how many days are left. 

Usually, I approach the calendar during the month of December, with a slight sense of foreboding.  It's like when you're planning a party ~ you're looking forward to the event, but there's so much to do, that you're thinking more about the to-do list than you are about the event itself. 

This year, I'm enjoying the countdown more.  Most of our family will not be in town for Christmas, so a lot of the presents we bought, we had to ship.  That forced us to get our shopping down earlier than usual.  So with the exception of a couple of things for each other, we're all done shopping ~ and shipping.  My Awesome Girl has already done the bulk of the wrapping, and I've been writing cards a few at a time.  I'll do some baking next week, but I'm mostly able to relax.

One person who is not very able to relax, is my Amazing Boy.  He can't seem to get the presents out of his mind, so naturally Christmas is taking forever to get here.  He's always been like that.  When he was little, he used to torture himself by looking at all the presents that we had under the tree ~ even though there were none for him under there yet!  And I remember one Christmas Eve, when we were at my parents house for dinner, and even from the other room he couldn't stand knowing that there were presents out there.... lurking..... hovering.... taunting him...  :) 

So it's no surprise to me that he's thinking and talking a lot about presents this December.  But this year is different ~ this year, his anticipation is all about giving

Over the years, my kids have gotten more involved in the gift-giving part of Christmas.  When they were little, they would draw or make something for me, or for the Apple of my Eye.  The past few years they have wanted to go shopping for each other, or Hubby and me, or maybe a friend or two.   But this year I'm seeing them both so excited about what they're giving.   Amazing Boy has said, almost every day, "I can't wait to give Daddy his present!"  or about his sister:  "She's going to love this!"  It tickles me. 

And I have to imagine that it tickles God, too.  He loves giving gifts.  Every good and perfect comes from Him.  So don't you think that a God who loves giving to His children must love to see His children giving?  And if I'm loving watching my child love to give; how much more must God love to see His child (me) love to see my child (who is also His child) loving to give?  {Go ahead; read it a second time if you need to.  It's a fun sentence!}

Yup.  Christmas gets better every year.  

~ "the love for others 
that the Holy Spirit has given you" ~
Colossians 1:8

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