Friday, January 4, 2013

Flurries of Praise

"walking, leaping and praising God"
Acts 3:8

We saw a lot of snow when we were in Nevada last week.  Well, "a lot" by our standards, anyway.  It snowed almost every day we were there.  The first couple of days, it snowed then the sun came out and all the snow melted away, but after that, it stayed.  And then when it snowed, it was snowing on snow. 

It seemed like a wonderful bonus for us.  It would have been enough for me if there had been snow on the ground, even if we weren't there while it was snowing.  And it would have been enough for me to see the snow falling, even if it didn't stick.  So the fact that everything I could see was covered with snow, and the snow kept coming, made me doubly happy!

On the last day before we drove home, I don't think the snow ever stopped.  Even though the sun came out for a (very) little while, it kept snowing.  I kept thinking of that beautiful hymn "In the Bleak Midwinter" where it sings, "snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on snow".  Such a lovely poem.

I also loved noticing all the different types of snow.  Different sized flakes, falling slowly or quickly, gently or with wind, falling straight down or at an angle, dry and powdery or wet and heavy.  And all of it beautiful!

Can you tell I don't get to experience snow very often?

And while I was sitting, and watching and enjoying all that snow, I suddenly found myself thinking of praise. 

And I thought, praise is like snow

Now, stay with me on this... 

There are many different types of praise... There are brief words of thanks, and eloquent streams of poetry.  There is praise that is effusive, and heartfelt, a feeling that stays with you long after the words have been spoken.  And there is praise that flits, or skips through your heart and to His, as you move on to the next thing in your life that needs attention. 

There is musical, jubilant appreciation for what He has done, and sober, awestruck awe at who He is.

There is praise from our joy, that wafts joyfully and eagerly... and there is the painful, almost reluctant praise from a hurting heart that trusts in Him regardless of circumstances.

There are as many ways to praise, as there are children to praise Him. 

The only thing there's not, is such a thing as too much praise. 

He is worthy, and we are beholden.  Praise Him. 

Praise is rising, praise on praise, praise on praise. 

~ "Sing praises to God,
sing praises!
Sing praises to our King,
sing praises!" ~
Psalm 47:6

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