Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's all about Him

"Praise the Lord God of Israel
with voices loud and high"
2 Chronicles 20:19

I sat in the back of church last Sunday.  I don't normally do that; we generally sit toward the front because I can concentrate better.  I'm a visual learner, so my eyes need to be engaged in what I'm learning if it's going to make it into my brain. 

But that day we sat in the back.  The Apple of my Eye was responsible for the sound board, meaning working the computer that projects the song lyrics during the worship time and the pastor's notes during the sermon.  So I sat on a chair in the very back, to be near him.

As a result, I found myself observing all the different ways that people worship.  See?  Told you I concentrate better in the front...

Anyhow, it occurred to me there are really a lot of variations in the positions people assume during worship.  For instance, their eyes might be open or closed.  Clearly, mine were open, because for that particular song, I needed the lyrics.  If I don't need to read the lyrics, I sometimes close my eyes.  Closing my eyes while I sing can make the song seem more like a prayer to me, but because I'm a synesthete, I sometimes enjoy looking at the words even to a song I know, because focusing on the colors in the words can be so beautiful.  Appreciating colors is a way of appreciating my Creator.

Whether people worship with their eyes open or closed, also sometimes affects the position of the head.  Do you worship with your head back, your face to heaven?  Or with your head bowed, eyes lowered in humility.  I love that it's different for everyone.  It's an expression of how one is feeling, and about how one offers Him their worship.  I love that it's genuine. 

There are also variations in body position.  In our church, we generally stand as a group for the first song, and then people are free to stand or sit as they please.  Occasionally I've even seen people kneeling.  And they might have their hands folded in their laps, or maybe raised to Him.  Or maybe even holding hands with their honey, as I sometimes do.  

I love that there's a freedom in our church.  It's a place where people feel comfortable being who they are in worship.

And I love that there's freedom in Him.   There's no right or wrong way to sing, or song to sing or way to be when you're worshiping.  You can even dance, as David did.  

He doesn't tell us how to worship.  So don't let anyone else tell you how.  Remember:  it's between you and Him ~ and it's all about Him.

~ "All nations whom You have made
Shall come and worship before You, O Lord,
and shall glorify Your name" ~
Psalm 86:9

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