Monday, January 28, 2013


"with coals of the broom tree"
Psalm 120:4

I have no idea what that means. 

I don't know what a broom tree is ~ is that tree that looks like a broom?  Or a tree from which brooms are made?

Psalm 120 is a short psalm, only seven verses.  I have one Bible that says it a "song of ascents" and another Bible that has titled it, "A Plea for Relief from Bitter Foes." 

But the meaning of this verse eludes me. 

Frankly, the whole psalm is a little perplexing. 

But that's not the first time I've ever said that about a passage in the Bible.  There are verses, and whole chapters I don't understand, or I fail to see why they were included.

But I know two things very well.  First, I know that this strange verse was inspired by the Holy Spirit.  The Bible would not be complete without it.  It helps me, when I'm lost, to know that every word in the Bible has a purpose; that He is a God of details, and there is knowledge in every "jot and tittle".

The other thing I know is that the Bible is not a book to be read.  That is, it's not a book to be just read.  It is to be studied, and pored over, and memorized, and meditated on, and discussed and prayed about, and sometimes, to be simply accepted by faith.

So I will ponder this verse.  I will read the psalm in its entirety.  I will talk to a few well-versed Christians.  I will read it in other translations of the Bible.  I will study the notes of a few Bible scholars, and glean everything God has for me.

And in doing so, I will claim this verse, as He has always known I would, and hide it in my heart.  And in so doing, this verse, too, will illuminate my life. 

~ "Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light to my path" ~
Psalm 119:105

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