Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, Daddy

"the daughter of my father"
Genesis 20:12

Yesterday was my father's birthday.  I probably shouldn't tell you his age.  Men aren't as sensitive about their age as women are.  But still... out of respect.... you know.  "Honor thy father" and such... So I'll just tell you that he's older than I am.  And younger than Methuselah.  :)

And yesterday, thinking about the fact that it was his birthday, I kept thinking about where I was a year ago.  Here's a glimpse:

That's my dad and my mom, in the ICU.  Mom's the tall one.  

He's fine now.  Actually, he was fine at the time of this picture, too.  Chatting and making jokes, which is his modus operandi in most situations (and even more so when it's his birthday.)  He was, by this point, in the ICU just as a precaution.  He had had a small heart attack the previous night, so they wanted to keep a close eye on him while they isolated the cause and figured out how to keep it from happening again.

We were lucky.  His heart attack was mild, and he had been wise enough to recognize the symptoms and have my mom take him to the emergency room.  And here we are a year later ~ a few more medications, and a few less food groups in his daily routine...

And yesterday, every time I remembered what we'd been doing one year ago, I was thankful for the blessing of still having my dad in my life.   And I thought, it's funny how sometimes we're grateful for something at regular intervals.  I was giving thanks to God for my dad, but it's not something I remember to do often enough.  Do we only thank God for our moms on Mother's Day?  Do we only thank Him for our spouses on our anniversary? 

I know that there is so much in lives to thank Him for.  Well, everything, really.  From the moment my eyes open in the morning, to the sweet comfort of my bed every evening.  My home and every person and creature in it.  My Awesome Mom and Amazing Dad and all my family, here and gone,  who have had an impact on my life.   Everyone who has taught me, loved me, blessed me, forgiven me. 

It would be impossible to thank Him every day for everything He has given me.   But I think I could do a better job.  I could come closer.

I have Him to thank for every beat of my heart.  And every beat of my daddy's heart. 

~ "Every day I will bless You
and I will praise Your name forever and ever" ~
Psalm 145:2

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