Sunday, January 27, 2013


"the very hairs of your head are all numbered"
Luke 12:7

Do you know the name Wilson Bentley?

I don't think he's very well known, but his work is.  His life's passion resulted in a single, wonderful fact that is probably known by everyone over the age of 3.  And for every three-year-old who doesn't know that fact, there's a mother or father who can't wait to tell them.

It's a fact that we know because when we learned it, we were astounded, and it stuck with us.

It's the kind of fact that you want to share with everyone you meet.  But if you try, you'll find out they already knew.  And unless they've gotten bored with miracles, they are just as amazed as you are.

I didn't know his name until recently.  And I don't know much about his faith.  But he had a big impact on mine.  Wilson Bentley taught me about the magnitude of God as Creator, and he reminded me of how much God loves me, in a way that He loves no one else.

Don't worry, God loves you like no one else, too.

So what is it that Wilson Bentley did for me?  He took photos.  He was the man who discovered a way to photograph snowflakes, revealing to us all the astonishing and beautiful fact that no two are alike.

God's love for me ~ and you ~ is very personal.  No one knows each of us as intimately as He does.

No one appreciates every beautiful, wonderful, special, unique, glorious detail of who you are, better than He who created you ~ He who created you to be different from anyone else He ever created, or will create.

I think God loved Wilson Bentley in a very special way, because He knew what Mr Bentley would reveal to us.

But He loves you in a special way, too. 

I hope you know that.


~ "Have you seen the treasury of snow?" ~
Job 38:22

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