Sunday, November 3, 2013

Faith: Life Sunny Side Up

"Come and eat breakfast."
John 21:12

The Apple of my Eye made me breakfast today.  He does that a lot on the weekends.  Even if I get up before he does, it takes me longer to wake up {I'm so not a morning person} than it does him.  So while I'm still sitting, blinking groggily, he'll offer to make me breakfast. 

Eggs and toast generally.  He makes great eggs.  Must be all that training he got at McDonalds thirty years ago...  He makes light and fluffy scrambled eggs, or perfectly done fried eggs.

And I mean perfectly done. 

How do you like your eggs?  Over easy?  Over hard?  Sunny side up?  {Which, can I just say, is the most cheerful-sounding food ever, isn't it?}

I like mine with what my grandmother used to call "crocheted edges" ~ you know, all brown and crispy from an unhealthy amount of butter in the pan?  If I'm having toast with it, I like the yolk to be runny.  If there's no toast, I'd like the yolk cooked, so I don't lose any all over the plate.   It needs to be salted slightly, or even have lemon juice drizzled over it.  {Hey, don't knock it til you try it!}

And if I am having toast, I don't want it buttered, I want it with mayonnaise instead.  After all, a fried egg on toast is like an open-faced fried egg sandwich, right?  And you have mayo on your fried egg sandwich, don't you? 

Well then, you should.

My sweetie knows all this.  A long time ago, I got out of the habit of saying, "Did you remember to salt it?" when he served me my egg, because he always had the right answer.

The only thing that gives me pause is how he prepares my egg.  We are each very particular about the turner we use when we're making eggs.  I like the smaller, sharper-edged one.  I guess I like the way it fits in my hand better, and the way I can get it under the egg, or the pancake, or whatever.

He, on the other hand, likes the broader, more flexible one.  I don't get it.  I don't even know how he can use that thing...  But as I say, it's a very personal decision.  And of course, I only care which implement is used when I'm the one doing the cooking.  But if he's making me breakfast, I don't care what method he uses.  He's doing me a favor, after all.

I think sometimes that's how we are with God.  We not only want to tell Him what we want, we want to tell Him how to do it.  How much sense does that make, really?  Isn't He the better judge of what's best, whether it's what, how, or who?   God does things His way, and what do we care, when the result is going to bless us?

There's peace and trust in that handy phrase, "Let go and let God.

~ "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, 
So are My ways higher than your ways,
And My thoughts than your thoughts." ~
Isaiah 55:9

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