Thursday, November 28, 2013

And I know there was more sleep than last time

"shall neither slumber nor sleep"
Psalm 121:4

I don't suppose, by any chance, you remember the last time one of my offspring had a sleepover?  That was my boy.  We had a little talk that day, about not letting lack of sleep affect your attitude.  He is normally an upbeat, cheerful kid, but he was a little off that day.  So I told him what I was noticing. 

Well the other day, my sweet child had a sleepover again.  Same friend as last time.  Then the following day they hung around the house and played until nearly dinnertime.

When it was all over, and the friend had gone home, I asked my boy if they'd had fun, and how they slept.  And we chatted a little bit about the games they'd played, etc.  And then my son said to me, "Was I better this time?  I really tried to be better."  I smiled, and said, "You did?  How did you try?"  And he said, "I don't really know... I wasn't sure what to do... but I remembered, and I tried to be better than last time."

I had no complaints about how he was this time.  Other than the fact that when my kids hang out with a friend I hardly get to see them.  But that's only temporary, right?  But I was so touched by his sincerity.  I had such a thrill of joy in my heart that he remembered, and tried to do better.

This is why I knew I should say something last time.  I knew that even though it wasn't a huge problem, I should let him know I noticed.  Because my kids try.  When I bring something to their attention, they listen, and they try to do better.

They don't always succeed.  We all have our weaknesses, and sometimes those are always weaknesses for us.  But I think God just loves our trying to do better.  Our wanting to do better. 

Sometimes when a friend comes to me wanting advice on a decision, I give them my best opinion, based on Scripture, as near as I can come.  But then I reassure them that when you really want to do what God wants you to do, you can't do the wrong thing.  There are no mistakes when you are walking with Him, because He's going to work things out for your good and His glory.

Isn't that reassuring to know, that all we have to do is try?  Makes success seem so much easier, which is good, because we can't accomplish anything without Him anyway.  Try is all He's ever asked of us.

~ "I can do all things
   through Christ who strengthens me" ~
Philippians 4:13

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