Wednesday, November 13, 2013

To Do or Not To Do...

"what I want to do, I do not do"
Romans 7:15

Well, the past couple of days have been all about priorities for me.  A hot spotlight of focus on the things I do, the things I need to do, and the things I like to do.

First issue ~ my computer has been acting up.  It started yesterday afternoon, only staying on briefly before dying.  I wasn't panicked, though.  The Apple of my Eye is a whiz at, well, all things Apple, frankly.  But of course he couldn't look at it until he got home, which was shortly before bedtime.  Long day for him.  

So in the brief moments when my computer was working, I had decisions to make, and not long to make them.  Do I check my emails?  Check online news?  Play solitaire?  Listen to some music?  Write?  Do research?  Do school prep for the kids?  Grade the kids' work (some of the answer keys are not printed)?

I almost felt panicky, because I knew the computer might crash any second, so whatever I was going to do had to be decided and done quickly.  But decide and do, I did.  And whatever didn't make the cut would just have to wait.  

Then today, there were several fires that had to be put out (thankfully not literally).  My son needing physical attention (for what appears to just be a mild cold, but still, a little TCL is in order); two friends needing spiritual attention; another friend having to make a decision and needing my help (even though I thought she'd already made the decision, but okay, babe, I'm here for ya!)  

Plus teaching, showering, laundry, dishes, portioning and freezing the chicken stock I made yesterday.  Oh, and my hubby looked briefly at my computer, but wasn't able to make an initial diagnosis, so it's still acting up while he does some more research.  So all those same decisions I made yesterday as far as using my computer.  

It's been slightly stressful.  Mostly because when a day is not routine, I'm afraid something is going to fall through the cracks.  My brain is trying to remember, my hands are trying to do, and I'm trying not to take my distractedness out on my kids.  

But at the same time, it's been helpful.  That spotlight of focus has caused me to realize the importance of some of the things I did automatically.  Like play solitaire first thing in the morning, as I try to wake up.  Responding to important emails, and recognizing which can wait a day or two.  And not letting anything ~ anything ~ pull me away from that which has to be done.  Some fires, I've decided, are fakes.  Attention-getting, noise-making, panic-inducing liars.  So I ignored them.

I guess it's kinda like what Socrates said:  A life unexamined is not worth living.

~ "I must be about My Father's business" ~
Luke 2:49

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