Saturday, November 9, 2013

Things That Mattered. (Or at least I thought they did.)

"when I have a convenient time I will call for you"
Acts 24:25

I have a love-hate relationship with my cellphone.  I didn't even have one, long after they became "necessities".  My husband finally bought me one for Christmas ~ not for me, but for him.  So that he could get a hold of me. 

I love my cellphone for three reasons:  the Apple of my Eye, my Awesome Girl, and my Amazing Boy.  I love having instant access to them when we're apart, especially the ability to text an "I love you" or "I'm thinking about you." 

And of course there's the helpful and convenient, "I'm on my way" or "Hello, Auto Club?"  I love the convenience my cellphone brings.

But I also hate it, because there are times ~ a lot of them ~ when I don't want to be "gotten".  I'm teaching my kids, I'm cooking, I'm studying, I'm vacuuming, etc.... And if I do talk on the phone, I would rather it be on the home phone because it's so much easier to hold, and the reception is better. 

So if you call, and I don't answer the home phone, it's because I'm doing something, so don't bother calling my cellphone, because I'm not going to answer because I'm doing something.

Seems so simple to me.  And yet I must be in the minority, because most of the people I know want to be called on their cellphones.  To each his own, I guess.

Anyhow, I told you all that so I could tell you this:  I just pulled my old cellphone out of a desk drawer.  The one I currently have I've had for several months ~ maybe even as much as two years ~ but I kept the old one because I still had photos on it, and I didn't know how to get them off.

Yesterday, I finally enlisted my hubby's help to get them off, and on to my computer.  And a lot of them were puzzling to me.

This photo has obvious appeal.  It's my sweet dog-of-very-little-brain.  But I have no idea why I took a photo of her.  I live with her after all.  And this is what she does for several hours out of every day.  So why take this picture?

Sunset.  I love sunset.  No two alike, and I wish I could capture every minute of all of them. 

That's a mama duck and her ducklings.  We saw them when we were driving home from church one day.  They crossed the street in front of our car, and we stopped because the ducklings couldn't make it up the curb.  I boosted them up with a magazine I had in my car, and they all continued on their way.  Sweet.

Sunset.  'Nuff said. 

My only guess is that my hubby wanted me to buy more of these, and I took a picture of the labels so I'd know I was buying the right product.  But still:  ???

Okay, I can come to no conclusion, other than that I took a photo of my half-eaten dinner.  I do love steak and potatoes, but I still don't know why I took this.

I don't remember where I took this.  I think in some sort of garden.  I think this was a bench placed in memory of this man.  I loved the sentiment, and I'm glad to be reminded of it.

A baseball game, obviously, but when?  who?  And why did I take it?  Was I trying to get what was on that screen, which I can't even see now?  Whatever my goal was:  fail.

Not sure about this either.  For some reason I think this was about sending a photo to my hubby to make sure I was buying the right thing.   Next question:  why didn't I then delete it?

There are things that seem so important to us in the here and now.  And then there comes a time ~ sometimes soon ~ when they don't matter at all.  So either I'm wasting my thoughts on things that are unimportant ~ like Old Spice and half-eaten steak ~ or I'm forgetting things I should be remembering ~ like sunsets and stranded ducklings. 

For the most part we have little control over what we forget and what we remember.  But I know I have successfully prayed to forget things in my life.  And I have.  I just don't remember what.

But it stands to reason that He'll help me remember, too.  And I trust that if I entrust my memory to Him, He'll lead me to rid my mind of things that are not worth remembering, and bring to my remembrance the things that matter.

~ "I will remember the works of the Lord" ~
Psalm 77:11

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