Tuesday, March 4, 2014


"knowing the righteous judgement of God"
Romans 1:32

I have a question for you.  What did you do today, instead of reading the Bible? 

The choices are many ~ the options we can choose instead of sitting down to read a little bit of God's word...

I'll bet it was something that you wanted to do.  Well, something you wanted to do, more than you wanted to read the Bible.  But ultimately, what it comes down to, is choosing something that pleases ourselves.  And you know what that is?  The answer might surprise you.

But first, let's talk about the things people do, when they are thinking only of themselves.  Romans chapter 1 has several of them.  Like unrighteousness, sexual immorality, covetousness, maliciousness, murder, deceit, pride, disobedience...  There's lots more there to read, if you want to.  There are about thirty sins. 

It's quite the list, really.  Why did Paul go to the trouble of listing all these to the church at Rome?  And why is God telling us all this?  Most of the people I know are pretty nice.  And I'll bet, when you look at the list, you'll realize that you're only guilty of a couple of those things, and probably not even the bad ones.

But here's the thing:  God hates evil.  God hates sins.  And His anger toward sin is perfectly justified; perfectly acceptable.  Everything He has created is good and He is angry at anything that seeks to destroy the good He has created.

Which brings us back to idol worship.  Which is really what it comes down to, if you choose your desires over His will.  You are the one you want to please.  Devotion, attention, time, love...  Idol worship is not just about bowing down before something.

How do you spend your time?  What is your favorite thing to do?  The sins Paul lists are all about one thing:  self.  It might be being obnoxiously prideful, or it might simply be choosing to watch a TV show, even though it goes against God's standard, because it makes me want to laugh... "it makes me feel good...  I like this.  I'm gonna make me happy..."

And whether you choose you over reading the Bible, or prayer; whether you choose loving you, over loving Him or loving your neighbor, the effect is the same.  It's still sin.  It's still defying His commandment.

Selfish is so much easier, isn't it? 

Choose Him.

~ "Blessed is he who reads
and those who hear the words of this prophecy,
and keep those things which are written in it;
for the time is near" ~
Revelation 1:3

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