Saturday, March 22, 2014

You are more powerful than you know

"So the king gave the command,
and they brought Daniel
and cast him into the den of lions...
Then the king arose very early
in the morning, and
went in haste to the den of lions...
Then Daniel said to the king,
'My God sent His angel
and shut the lions' mouths,
so that they have not hurt me.' "
Daniel 6:16, 19, 22

"the prophet...
who through faith...
stopped the mouths of lions"
Hebrews 11:33

Interesting dichotomy there, isn't it?  Daniel says that God shut the lions' mouths, but Hebrews says Daniel was responsible.  Who gets the credit?  Who do we believe?

Simple.  The power lies in the faith.  It's like: our faith is the hose, and God is the water.  Except we wouldn't even have the hose if God hadn't provided it... 

Did you ever hear that old line from a teammate of Michael Jordan?  The internet tells me it was Stacey King (and I have no choice but to believe the internet, because I know next-to-nothing about basketball).  Anyhow, King scored one free throw in a game in which Jordan scored 69 points.  Sixty-nine points!  And King said afterward that he would always remember that as the night that he and Michael Jordan combined for 70 points.  

This is each of us, working with God.  Your faith puts God's power into action in your life.  He doesn't need your help, but He desires it.  And it is such a blessing to be even a small part of what He does!


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