Friday, March 7, 2014

Just in case you are wondering...

"I will question you,
and you shall answer Me"
Job 38:3

I thought maybe it was time for another Bible quiz.  Feeling smart today?

Here goes!

1.  Where was Paul the Apostle born?
a. Thessalonica
b. Tarsus
c. Ur
d. Antioch

2.  Who was Timothy's mother?
a. Abigail
b. Miriam
c. Eunice
d. Rachel

3. To whom did the donkey speak?
a. Silas
b. Daniel
c. Jeremiah
d. Balaam

4.  Who stirred up the water at the Pool of Bethesda?
a. Priest
b. Angel
c. Wind
d. Jesus

5.  Which city did Jesus not curse?
a. Chorazin
b. Bethsaida
c. Capernaum
d. Damascus

6.  What boy served as King of Jerusalem for one hundred days?
a. Shamgar
b. Jehoiachin
c. Adino
d. Sisera

7.  Zaccheus climbed up what type of tree?
a. Fig
b. Carob
c. Sycamore
d. Box

8.  What did Peter find with a coin in its mouth?
a. Ram
b. Fish
c. Viper
d. Raven

9.  Who were called "The Sons of Thunder"?
a. James and John
b. Thomas and Judas
c. Peter and Andrew
d. Philip and Matthew

10.  What creatures ate the carcass of Jezebel?
a. She-bears
b. Dogs
c. Frogs
d. Worms

Answers tomorrow!

~ "So Solomon answered all her questions;
there was nothing so difficult for the king
that he could not explain it to her" ~
1 Kings 10:3


  1. I am confident that I know that answers to all the questions except #5.

  2. I didn't know #5 or #6. But now I do! :)