Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Still startled the dog, though

"like a flitting sparrow"
Proverbs 26:2

Sooo..... I've got a couple of things on my mind.  Relatively big things.  A decision... a concern...  They are issues that are need time.  And prayer.  And thought. 

So I'm thinking.  And praying.  And waiting.

I took the dog for a walk today.  We walk slowly, she and I.  She's got a bit of a limp, and I've been feeling under the weather, so we just took our time, ambling along. 

As we walked, we disturbed a few critters in the bushes.  Birds, lizards, maybe a mouse.  Just walking by with a dog will sometimes cause a creature to take flight, even if it would be safer for it to stay in hiding.

And you know what I noticed?  Little critters make a big noise.  I would hear a rustling, and then see the culprit, and be a little surprised every time.  "That's all?"  Yup.  That little thing. 

So I wonder, if maybe there's something in your life... something concerning you, troubling you....

And I wonder if maybe that something is not really as big as it seems to be.

~ "Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord,
  And whose hope is the Lord" ~
Jeremiah 17:7

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