Saturday, March 29, 2014

Super Heroes

"comfort one another"
1 Thessalonians 4:18

I sat on the edge of my son's bed yesterday, and noticed something on his floor.  It was a magazine article that I had given him a few months ago, thinking he might enjoy reading it.  He did, so naturally it was on his floor.*  That's how I know it had some value for him.  'Cause if he wasn't interested in it, it would have been in the trash.

{* He's thirteen, after all.  
His floor's not exactly spotless.}

It was an article from a some science-y magazine, I can't remember which one.  And it was about superheroes, and why we love them so much.  Batman, Superman, Captain America ~ there's never been a time when superheroes have not been popular.  They appeal to our desire to transcend ordinary.  They inspire us.  They show us examples of "coping with adversity, finding meaning in loss and trauma, and using our strengths for good." 

The reason I noticed the article on his floor was because I was sitting on the edge of his bed, looking down.  And the reason I was in that position was that I was comforting my teary-eyed thirteen year old boy.  And the reason for that, is that our dog died a few days ago.  Only two weeks after the death of our kitty.  

It is sad to lose a pet.  And this is really the first time the kids have had to experience it.  They were too young to remember the last time we said good-bye to a pet.  And to lose both our sweet companions, within a matter of days, is heart-breaking.  Both losses were relatively unexpected ~ though we had a few days to realize they were slipping away, both animals were on the young end of old. 

In the past several days, though I have sat with each of my kids, handing them kleenex and trying to find words to say to them, I have also watched them comforting each other.  I have seen them carry on with things that had to be done, though they wanted to do nothing more than stay home.  I have experienced each of them comforting me, when I was the one succumbing to tears.  I have seen each of them exhibiting strength when I know they are feeling weak.

And I sat there on the bed with my arm around my boy, looking down at the floor, and I saw that article about superheroes, and I realized how very proud I am of my kids this week.  And I know there are kids all over the world, who have been through worse than this.  That's the beauty.  That there are difficult circumstances facing ordinary folks, and people rise to meet the challenge.  They ride out the pain in their lives ~ loss, disease, trauma ~ and grow in the midst.  And they ignore their own grief to turn their attention to someone who needs it more.

Hero: (noun) a person admired for courage or other noble qualities
Super: [adverb (as submodifier)] especially or particularly

Here's a hope that you'll take some time to recognize the super heroes in your life, and thank God for how He inspires and strengthens you through them.

~ "May He send you help from the sanctuary,
and strengthen you out of Zion" ~
Psalm 20:2

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