Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Because really, in a way, we're all disabled

"among them the blind and the lame"
Jeremiah 31:8

I spent some time, last night and today, watching the Paralympics in Sochi.  I've never seen them before.  I guess because I never had access to a network that broadcast them.  I'm a proponent of less technology and fewer channels (and more reading!) but we recently made some changes to our cable package that resulted in a smaller bill, and more channels.  The Apple of my Eye is thrilled to have access to more hockey games than he was able to see before.  And I was thrilled to have access to the Olympics on all the available channels.  And now, of course, the Paralympics.

So far I've watched Cross Country skiing, in two ways:  sitting, for those with no mobility in their legs; and standing, for those with the use of only one arm.  I also watched Sled (or Sledge) Hockey, which was fun to watch because I'm very familiar with the game, having been married to a hockey player for over twenty years.

Then today I watched Alpine skiing.  Fascinating.  Some athletes had the use of only one arm, others had only one leg.  Man, that was something, watching people ski at that speed, going around gates, on only one ski.  I mean, I've done something similar but only because I'm a terrible skier who wibbles and wobbles and can barely manage to keep both my skis on the snow at the same time.  And truth be told, I'm more likely to be the obstacle that other, more skilled skiers are slaloming around, as I slide down the mountain on my back pocket.  

But the most inspirational thing I saw today was the vision-impaired slalom skiers.  So amazing.  Each one had a guide, who left the start gate at the same time, but then skied out in front of them to guide them.  I guess the athlete was able to see their guide enough to follow them, but in addition, the guide was shouting instructions over their shoulder at the athlete.  It was such a wonderful example of working together, and more than that:  of trust.  I don't know what speed is reached by these skiers, but I know I'd be darn nervous if it were me.

I'm so grateful today, for the different ways that God guides us.  I'm thankful for access to His Word, and the people He puts in our lives, that offer Biblical wisdom when we can't do it for ourselves.  And I'm grateful for Jesus' time on earth, and the example that He left, of dealing with haters, or dealing with suffering, or knowing what to do in difficult circumstances. 

The road is not always straight, or smooth, but He never just leaves us to do our best.  But we have to see the best we can, and listen for guidance.  And then we have to put our fear behind us, and give it our all! 

~ "The Lord opens the eyes of the blind;
   The Lord raises those who are bowed down;
   The Lord loves the righteous" ~
Psalm 146:8

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