Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Small Gesture

"There shall be no more pain..."
Revelation 21:4

I've been feeling a little heavy-hearted today.  I found out late last night that an acquaintance of mine was killed yesterday morning, in an accident.  Her husband and their two teen-aged children died as well.

I only barely knew her.  We are in the same homeschool support group, and a few times we attended an event together.  I think I only saw her a few times, and I never knew her husband or her kids.  But it was such a shock to hear about it, and I've been trying to pray for their extended family, their friends, church family etc.

A lot of people have commiserating on our support group's website.  Prayers, sharing of memories, etc.  Sometimes when you're hurting, it helps to know other people are, too.

But late in the afternoon, one of the moms posted that she would be going by their house in the evening, to leave some flowers and a note of support, and she invited anyone in the group to join her, which was a lovely thing to do. 

In a way, it seemed a little like it might be futile encouragement.  After all, everyone that we in the group knew is gone.  We don't know who would see or appreciate those flowers.  We don't know who the extending family is, or if they live nearby or out of state, or what.  But despite all that, she was going to make the gesture.  As she said, "It just doesn't feel right to do nothing."

I knew exactly what she meant.  There was nothing we could do for this family.  And only a chance that our efforts would encourage or reduce the pain of any extended family.  But doing a small something for someone ~ anyone ~ is better than doing nothing. 

~ "Therefore comfort one another..." ~
1 Thessalonians 4:18

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