Friday, May 23, 2014

Everything you can do, He can do better

"The Lord is able to give you much more than this."
2 Chronicles 25:9

Busy day today.  As of last Tuesday, Bible study is on hiatus until September, and I have been looking forward to the break, but so far I'm not noticing any relaxation.  Both kids went to friends' houses today, so I had to drive them to and from.  And my boy had a baseball game.  Plus I ran an errand, and had lunch with my sweetie, so all-in-all, I wasn't home very much today.  I was glad to get home after the game, and just sit and watch a little TV.

On evenings like this, I'm glad for the Food Network, and HGTV.  Most of their shows are interesting and informative, but also easy to watch.  No complicated plots to keep track of, no worries about offensive commercials (usually).

So I was watching a cooking competition, and one of the chefs was giving a little background info, and said that she was from East Germany.  She talked about growing up there, and how after the wall came down, there was a whole world of produce and spices and et cetera, that she never knew existed.  She already loved food, and cooking, and all of a sudden there were new opportunities, new discoveries, new foods to experiment with...

The idea of that so appealed to me, I think because cooking and eating is so much fun already.  It was something she enjoyed, and was good at, even before she knew everything she was missing.  And then everything opened up. 

Isn't it fun to imagine that the things we already love, getting even better?  More exciting, more challenging, more interesting, more beautiful... Just think about that!  Think about something you love already, and then imagine it getting even better.

This... is life in God.  This is how I feel about a life of faith and trust and obedience.  Knowing He is my Lord, and He is always with me... knowing that He died for me makes me want to live for Him.  And that makes the difficult things in life a little easier, and the wonderful things even more wonderful.

If we aren't living a life with Him and for Him, we are living in East Germany.  We are in bondage, and we are missing the freedom that comes with trust in Him.  Ask Him.  Ask Him to show you the world through His eyes, and see what you've been missing.

~ "... I will open the windows of heaven
      and flood you with blessing after blessing" ~
Malachi 3:10


  1. We also watch a lot of Food Network and HGTV, because so much of what is on TV these days isn't worth watching. We also watch INSP in the evenings, when they show reruns of The Waltons and JAG and Matlock. I know. We're crazy.

    I really like this post, especially the sentence, "If we aren't living a life with Him and for Him, we are living in East Germany." What a fresh perspective!

  2. I guess that's the good thing about all those channels, is that there's something for everyone! Or we could just read. :)