Sunday, May 4, 2014

Volleyball and Thinking

"you will take no other view"
Galatians 5:10

Would you believe I've been pondering something today, and I don't know what it is?  That is, I can't quite think of the word I want.


I'm thinking about how what we see, depends on where we are when we see it.

Not where, physically, but emotionally.  Mentally.

My daughter had a volleyball tournament today.  It was a good day.  Some wins/some losses ~ that's always to be expected.  But she felt good, and enjoyed herself. 

Our drive, albeit long, was safe.  Our boys weren't with us, as they had baseball, so she and I cranked up the music and sang duets.

It was a tiring day, but that's to be expected, too.

But I became aware of how I felt about some of the people in our volleyball world.  Specifically, referees, and a mom that I've never met before. 


First, the refs.  In every tournament, each team takes a turn at reffing.  I mean, there's an official ref, but two girls are line judges (ruling on out-of-bounds), scorekeepers, etc.  My girl was a line judge today.  She does this frequently, but I'm rarely there to see it.  Normally I go back out to my car, and read or study or something.  But today, it was 98 where we were, so I decided the air-conditioned comfort of the sports center was a better choice.  So I watched the game, and enjoyed watching her do her part.

Early in the game, she made a call that did not benefit the team on whose side I was sitting.  A father sitting behind me made a comment about my girl being wrong in her call, which she wasn't.  I know she made the right call, because I saw it.  But also because the wife of the complaining dad contradicted him.  ("No, dear, she was right.  It was in.")

And while I wasn't offended enough to speak up to the dad who criticized my amazing, flawless, non-error-making daughter, I did think to myself (not for the first time) that maybe people shouldn't criticize other people out loud, cuz their mother might be sitting nearby.  And I think maybe I'll be a little more sympathetic in the future, to the girls who ref our games.


Next, the mom.  As I sat watching the two games we reffed, I naturally didn't care at all who won.  I mean, I was kinda rooting for the blue team, but only because they were winning, and I wanted the game to end so we could go home.

So I was able to just watch, and appreciate some good volleyball, without being emotionally invested in the outcome of the game.  But as I listened to the parents around me cheering or encouraging or venting their frustration a little, I realized that if this were our game, these parents would be driving me crazy.  Either they'd be cheering for the opposite team, and I'd feel defensive, or they'd be cheering for our team, and I'd be distracted.  'Cuz even if you agree with someone, continual yelling in your ear is distracting if you're at all nervous.

My whole outlook on the game had changed, because I had no personal interest.  Things looked different based on how much they mattered.

So what is it that I'm aware of now?  My perspective?  My standpoint?  My outlook?  Whatever it is, it's important to remember that mine is different from everyone else's.  Not all the time, maybe, but I can certainly never assume that I'm seeing the world the same way as the person next to me.

Which leaves me with two choices:  continue seeing the world the way I do, but remember that perspective is personal; or make a greater attempt to see life through someone else's eyes.  Or maybe a little of both.

The other thing I need to remember is that in certain situations ~ or maybe most situations ~ my viewpoint might not be 100% accurate.  Which makes it unreliable.  Which means that I need to make allowance for errors in my thinking.  Which means I need to trust Him, and want His will.  Which means I need to be constantly seeking to know His will.  Which means I need to read my Bible.  Lots. 

So there you go.  That's what I think, and what I think about what I think.  Now I'm going to go think some other thinks.

~ "diligently listen to the voice of the Lord your God,
and do that which is right in His eyes,
and give ear to His commandments
and keep all His statutes" ~
Exodus 15:26

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