Sunday, May 11, 2014

An Ordinary Day

"I myself will drive"
Joshua 13:6

Wow.  Such a busy day today.  From one thing to another, nearly without any time in between. An unusual amount of driving around town for a Saturday, and it seemed like every time I left the house, I was in a hurry.

But I drove carefully; I promise.

My sweetie and my boy were up and out of the house early.  My husband's car needed some work, so they took it in to our mechanic.  They were hoping it would just take a couple of hours, and then they'd be able to bring it home, but it didn't quite work out that way.  So they called me to come pick them up.  Which I did, but I had to hurry, to get back in time to take my girl to her hair appointment.

Fortunately, I was able to drop the boys off at home, pick her up, and get her to salon on time.

A little while later, we were back home in time to say goodbye to the boys, who were off to baseball.  My girl and I had time for lunch, and then we were off to the game, too.

The weather was lovely, and it was relaxing to sit and enjoy some baseball, but as soon as the game was over, my girl and I took off for home.  We only had enough time at home for her to shower and dress and et cetera and then we were off again ~ 'cuz it's prom night!

We drove her to join her friends at a lovely spot overlooking the ocean, where we took plenty of photos, then we dropped her off at the dance location and headed home. 

Dinner was later than usual because of all the busyness, but after it was made, the boys and I were able to sit and enjoy playoff hockey on TV, and wait until it was time to pick up my daughter again after the dance.

Other than eating, I hardly did anything today that was purely selfish.  Not my choice, you understand.  Sad to say, I sometimes care more about me than I do about others.  Are you ever like that? :)

But the beauty of a day like today, is that nearly everything I did was intertwined with the needs of my family, in very obvious ways.  Almost everything I did impacted them, or helped them in some way.  It's a nice life when average, ordinary activities bless others, isn't it?  Or maybe that's just the joy of family.

~ "For this is the message
that you have heard from the beginning,
     that we should love one another" ~
1 John 3:11

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